tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

Woopsie! & latest of the late Halloween ♥

Well... yeah...
I hate to admit that again I'm posting so late.. i really should start to schedule my weeks so i can accopmlish something ( not to mention my school work, I really have lagged behind... )

But first and foremost, here are the super late Halloween post i promised!

This time our party was titled ''R.I.P Selma party - TURKULOID COME BACK''
It was a tribute to ''R.I.P Selma - TURKULOIDS Halloween party 2010''   :---D
pictures under:
from 2010 Halloween party
and from this years Halloween party (2012)

** Turkuloids is a word we came up when we were thinking how we should describe our group of friends
***Selma (aka. Silent Beatbox) is one of our friend and we usually held our parties at her parents place!

I think that there's really nothing to explain about the night, so let the pictures talk instead!

Getting started!


...Girly Kozileks appears!

Ane & mustache!

mei, Janette & me, yah so beautifull


ane & vearna having a fight? >: o

Amar & mei 

Selma & BLAZTIC (Tido)


Viivi & Verna

Selma ♥

Oh Deer!

Timo Ijäs (Y)


Amar and outern beauty~

FIRST (WO)MAN DOWN! Verna & sleepy Ane



And again, our parties got an happy ending! ♥ ... not the way you think thought : D

Oh and here's a better picture of the makeup I'm wearing!

Aaand the antlers i made in one night! 
I used Fimo to shape the antlers and felt to sew the ears, the white furry part is the left overs from a white rabbits fur i had. The whole sh*t is together with hot glue!

That's all Folks! ~

torstai 1. marraskuuta 2012

wow Fantastic baby

hehee;;   lazy blogger here o/

GUESS WHATTT!!  it was snowing last friday ~
so artistic picture, i know...                                                            same friday our school started like this~

aaaand i got a new phone!

I happen to be really boring and not updating more than this, sooner i think i put up a 'latest gets' post, but this post ends here! ^-^;;

Oh!, right now I'm sewing a shirt from an old skirt(?) 
why on earth, you ask?
I'm going to Turku tomorrow, and on Saturday we have 'R.I.P Selma' - party (for the r.i.p. part, it's a joke, no-one has actually died)  aaand the party is kind of late Halloween party soooo~  
my costume is going to be a secret for now (i'm not sure actually what am i going to be :----D) but i add pictures here later ♥

Oh! one more info thingie OuO 
10th of Nov we are going to have this Baaricon cruise, main idea is check how well the boat can float and check how good are the crews stress tolerance :---D and get really drunk with other nerdy people : D

But for now~ i got to go and continue sewing!
bye byah!

perjantai 12. lokakuuta 2012

Woopsie (; ̄д ̄)

... again, it have been a long time since i posted here something.... eheh;;
about the moving thingie.... gosh.. my apartment is still a mess.
I'll tell you more about it in coming posts i guess..

ANYWHO!  last friday I had soooo much fun! We went to Skins Party (again, I know)
but this time the actors of Freddie and JJ was there too!~ The party was sooo crazy lol, i got some videos, but right now my camera is somewhere not to be found, so i add them here later on.
Ohhh and i had an opportunity to get in to a picture with Freddie and JJ ~
as you can see below..

yupp~was a good weekend (and now i'm broke, haha) ^3^~

now i need to sleep, got to get up early and be a good student! :---D

nighty nights ♥

maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012

~*Absolute Disaster*~

Sorry for not updating anything in the whole summer, i got to just admit that for the whole summer nothing special happened, i was just staying home alone on my computer. No pictures was taken...
Well except one which I took two weeks ago:
yeah, i know..

The absolute disaster is really matching my current status, last week on Tuesday I got a call saying that I got a cancellation place from a school i was trying to apply before. And this school is in Helsinki, I live in Turku.
The distance between these two cities is about 2 hours driving trip.
The school is going to start tomorrow (13th Aug) so i had about 5 days to cancel my employment agency course and find a place to move in Helsinki.

On Friday my grandparents told me that there is a place in Kontula but it's not empty empty, there is furniture. Because it was my only option i just decide to take it. Fortunately the appartment was owned by our kind of family friend so i don't have to pay for the first month. Only problem here is the extra furniture, i have to live with them for unknown time being, because the owner lives in Sweden. I can only get rid of the furniture after he decides what he want's to keep etc.
Aand after that i can get my own stuff here and can paint the walls and stuff. ( yess, i got a permission for that because this place is awful, you gonna see soon)

So here I am, writing this shitty long post on my new old apartment and feel depressed because this place smells like grannysweat and vinegar. Oh and of course watching intensely the meteor shower while drinking tea and eating toast ♥

And here you have few videos of my new apartment, ignore my loud grandpa.

keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2012

energetic midnight~

So this is what happened ~    
Tried this makeup posted by Lhouraii, I changed it a bit trying to make it look more 'me' ^-^
And here's the video, i took this makeup from: 

An here is how it looks on me (with a few changes):




Sorry for posting so same looking pictures, I am bad at decisions u__u''
gonna go now and play BlazBlue: Continuum Shift B )


maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2012

Latest Gets~

gonna just smash here loads of pictures of things i have bought in last month (´・ω・`)~ 

Bath & Shower Gel, just had to buy this because just look at it, it looks perfect:

My other Hand cream Cupcake needed a friend:
Found this jewel box frog, i just had to buy it even it was bit expensive for being  just a jewelry box u_u
more Lisbeth Dahl stuff for me yay~

Just couldn't decide what perfume i want, so i bought them all :

And got these samples when buying those perfumes up above~

Also needed new eyelashes and glue~  both from MAC , the lashes are nr.7
I have no idea why i bought this :---D It's a body shimmer/powder which smells AND TASTES 
like caramel! ~ wwwwww

Ordered these from Blippo because cute food is cute and Rilakkuma!

This cute hairband was on sale~

Also these underwear~ is it appropriate to put these up on here? eh ._.'' ...i think they are cute ~

And because of being wnb hipster child i just had to buy this shirt from Gina Tricot, also found these jean leggings at the same time so i thought 'why not' and bought them too : )

This hood fur thingie was totally unnecessary to buy, but it cost like 5€ and i love fur so... also found this fur bag from the same sale for 7€ ~ fur fur fur ♥

And my grand love is here, my new shoes i bought from H&M, i love how they make my feet look so much longer from the front~ only bad thing is that H&M shoes don't last very long and after using them a while they become hard to walk with : /  but i hope i'll survive ! ~ wwww

Found these from one gift shop, the solid perfume was a must because Shanghai ♥
magnet poetry just because my fridge needs something more~

Found a cheap perfume with same scented deodorant, it smells surprisingly good! ~ and bought this dice drinking game thingie for parties to come~ wwww

I think that was all ^-^  see ya soon~