maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2012

late Christmas & New Year 2012 posting!! ~*

hmmm, laiskuuttani en jaksanu päivitellä joulujuttuja tänne kun  vasta nyt '''''
mutta joo, ajattelin et vois postata tähän mun saamia joululahjoja vähän~
sori huono kuvalaatu, otin nää kaikki kuvat samalla kun meikkailin uutta vuotta varten : D

hmh, because being lazy i havent updated any Christmas stuff , until now'''''
but yeah, I thought that maybe i post pictures of Christmas presents I got~
I'm sorry about the bad quality pictures, I was doing my makeup for the New Year party at the same time : D

Trésor Midnight Rose perfume~
from grandpa

Oriflame cosmetics~ from mom
from the left: the brown Oriflames thingie is some kind of  lip balm which smells like chocolate♥, Oriflame pressed powder
and under those two: Veryme fat lash Mascara, Oriflame eye liner stylo

Stinky enamel mug by Muurla, got this from gradma and grandpa~

got these from Nette ♥
from above: pink feather necklace from Seppälä, pink matrjosjka tissue thingie, pink flower hairpin/brooch 

this was also from Nette ^u^!  ''60 Christmas fairy cake cases''

my little sisters made this for me !! 
the box is made by Monica and the necklace inside is made by Janina ♥

Hello Kitty plushie also from my little sisters

and this picture of my little sisters in heart shaped frame~

Kuromi - pillowcase from

handmade knife =__= from mom

wooden box full of pieces of wood and sandpaper square (Y)
from mom and her husband

infinite black 'fishnet' scarf from grandma

card made by Monica

card made by Janina

jupp, tässä nää lähinnä oli : D
taidampa laittaa ton uus vuos postauksen erikseen ~

yeah, that's all i guess : D
I think I'm gonna make a new post about NEW YEAR~


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