perjantai 10. helmikuuta 2012

The Power of makeup~

Miettisin että mitä sitä tekis kun on ollut melko tylsä viikko... ei oo ollu töitä ja oon ollu kipeenä joten ei oo hirveesti tullut tehtyä mitään =__= sitten mulla välähti ! ja tässä se nyt on~
kiitos meikin, mäkin oon kaunis ♥ :-----D
Tulin muuten vähän aika sitten iltavuorosta joten oon hieman väsyneen näkönen , mutta ketäpä se haittais : o (muuta kun itseäni ofc)

I was wondering what should i do because this week have been a bit boring... i had to go to work for like only in two/three days and i just have been sick so i have done almost nothing =__= then an idea came up in my head! and here it is~
thanks for makeup I can be beautiful too ♥ :-----D
I just came home from working the evening shift so i might look a bit tired, but who cares : o (besides me ofc)

Here what happened:
(PS. this is not an actual tutorial, just playing around with makeup)

So yeah, here's me without any makeup.. Gorgeous eh ♥
About my eyebrows: I shave most of them, I think it's easier to draw them like that.
About my lashes: I used to dye my lashes, and this happened. My lashes used to be all black but because of coloring they turned brown  ; __ ;
About my face in general: I shave my face :-----D I hate facial hair, even the tiny ones... Also, it makes skin look smoother with makeup on it~
Aaaaand about my skin: my skin happens to be atopic, it means that i easily get rash all over my body and this is also why my skin is really dry in the winter time... (as you can probably see from the pictures down below)

No 1.: added foundation, drew eyebrows and powdered my face~
What I use: L´oréal Paris True Match the foundation, Chanel eyebrow pen light brown no.51, Oriflame Illuma Flair Pressed Powder

No 2.: added contact lenses and some (brown and gold) eyeshadow~
What I use: circle lenses from cybershop, eyeshadow palette by H&M

No 3.: added upper falselashes~
What I use: lashes by MAC no.7 , Double Eye Putti lash glue (from Shanghai)

No 4.: added liquid eyeliner~
What I use: Oriflame Eyeline Stylo black

No 5.: a look eye closed
What I use: facemuscles :-------D

No 6.: added lowerlashes, also added more eyeshadow for upper eyelid and under the lowerlashes~
What I use: bought them from Punanaamio ( can't remember better) sry

No 7.: added mascara ~
What I use: Lumene Naturan Code Eye Dramatizer Mascara, Veryme fat lash Mascara

No 8.: added waterproof liquid eyeliner for inner lower lid just a bit~
What I use: MAC liquid eyeliner waterproof

(after this i applied some more darker powder under my chin and on my cheeks ( and temples) to make my face look more narrow. also at this point i added some blush on my cheekbones and put some lipstick~)

so yeah... here you can see~ The Power of The Makeup!! :---P

hope you liked it~
xo remi

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