tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2012

''Manganize'' Me~

Oli vähän tylsää tässä ja törmäsin sitten videoihin missä ihmiset meikkasivat itselleen manga henkiset silmät ja ajattelin sitten itekkin kokeilla~

Mallia otin seuraavista manga silmäluonnoksista: 

It was a bit boring and i rumbled in to the videos where people make up a manga based eyes and I decided that I should try that too~

Following drawings were model for my make up:

Ja tässä sitten tulos, meikkasin vaan toisen silmän kun olin laiska (=3=)/
Iskin vaan mun hunokuntosen peruukin päähän peittämään toisen silmän ja voilá~ kuvaus valmis stella!
Sori samankaltasten kuvien spämmäily, en osannut yhtään valita mitä jättää noista pois -_-;;

And here's the result, i make up only my other eye because i was lazy (=3=)/
I just put my messy wig on my head to cover my other half of my face and voilá~ stella ready to take some pics!
I'm so sorry about spamming so similiar pictures, I just founded really hard to choose what pictures i should not post -__-;;

That's all folks!!      


maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

Latest gets~

I haven't bought any clothes these days because of the future B )
but went for shop things i really need... and also found some cute nice (cheap!) things i just had to buy ..... sorry Nette I know i promised not to use my money :-------''''D
Here's some pictures~
First the things I really needed to buy:

SYOSS Care-Spray Essence
This thing just makes my hair sooo silky and soft~
Got to love it : )
from Citymarket (?)

Gentle Cleasing Wipes by NIVEA Visage
These are amazing! I just hate to wash makeup off with water so this is just perfect for me ~
from Anttila

'Black Vanilla' body splash
This smells so nice that i just want to take a bath in it ; ___ ; ♥
bought it from H&M

HAWAIIAN Tropic Self Tan Creme~
I think i start to use this more often, i like the tan it gives~
from Stockmann

And here the stuffs I founded while shopping:

 Heart shaped purse ♥
Just cute~
from Glitter

♥ Ibero's bracelet
 from Anttila

'Keep Calm and Cuddle Up' book with love quotes
from Akateeminen Kirjakauppa

'choccy orange' -smelling Owl shaped lip balm
from Ajno gift shop

Maccarons ♥
from Stockmann Deli

I find these so cute that i just had to buy them : DDD
tastes so sweeeet~

founded this beauty from second hand store~
cost like 8e so i just had to give him a new home : 3

 And things i got~
a tiny cookie baking book from my mom
as a Valentines Day gift 

a rose scented perfume from my grandma and grandpa 
from their trip to Spain

the ugliest shirt ever seen also from my grandma and grandpa
from their trip to Spain : D

So yea, wanted to just show you these : DDD
Mainly the shirt from grandparents because it is just..... :------D
There's no words to describe it :---D
Thanks for reading~


She is such a cutie ; ___ ; ♥



We gonna party like LililiLaalalaa ~

I'm not so sure what i should write about, so this gonna be very random post aye~

March 9th DJ's Daddy Flix and Lucky Chucky came to Turku and held awesome party ( based on the popular UK tv series ), which goes around by name ''SKINS PARTY!''
To quote these two dj s ''The party is all about getting fucked up - loud music, too much alcohol, partying with friends/strangers and waking up in a strange place knowing the party was awesome!''

Everytime they are coming to Turku they reserve a V.I.P. table for friends they know from here (also for the people who win some kind of contest in FB) It's nice because this way we don't have to wait in line and also we get in for free~ Usually they also visit the V.I.P. table in between playing the music just to socialize and pour drinks down our throat :---D
So yeah, I feel little privileged knowing these guys ;;(≧∇≦)/ 

When they came up with the idea of Skins themed parties, and held the first ones it just instantly came very popular ! It's amazing, normally at the club people only dances for good songs and when a bad song comes up, the dance floor is empty, but at Skins Party the floor never gets empty OuO These boys are good!

If you want to check out for more here's few links:

Daddy Flix @ Facebook
Lucky Chucky @ Facebook

                       And here some vids for you to check out the atmosphere from the SkinsParties~

PS. Some of the pictures/videos are taken from other Skins Parties before the 9th of March

Yeahh.... Next SkinsParty @ Turku is going to be 20.4 Pre-Vappu Party~ 
see you there!~