maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

We gonna party like LililiLaalalaa ~

I'm not so sure what i should write about, so this gonna be very random post aye~

March 9th DJ's Daddy Flix and Lucky Chucky came to Turku and held awesome party ( based on the popular UK tv series ), which goes around by name ''SKINS PARTY!''
To quote these two dj s ''The party is all about getting fucked up - loud music, too much alcohol, partying with friends/strangers and waking up in a strange place knowing the party was awesome!''

Everytime they are coming to Turku they reserve a V.I.P. table for friends they know from here (also for the people who win some kind of contest in FB) It's nice because this way we don't have to wait in line and also we get in for free~ Usually they also visit the V.I.P. table in between playing the music just to socialize and pour drinks down our throat :---D
So yeah, I feel little privileged knowing these guys ;;(≧∇≦)/ 

When they came up with the idea of Skins themed parties, and held the first ones it just instantly came very popular ! It's amazing, normally at the club people only dances for good songs and when a bad song comes up, the dance floor is empty, but at Skins Party the floor never gets empty OuO These boys are good!

If you want to check out for more here's few links:

Daddy Flix @ Facebook
Lucky Chucky @ Facebook

                       And here some vids for you to check out the atmosphere from the SkinsParties~

PS. Some of the pictures/videos are taken from other Skins Parties before the 9th of March

Yeahh.... Next SkinsParty @ Turku is going to be 20.4 Pre-Vappu Party~ 
see you there!~


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    En ees tienny et seuraavat skins-bailut on noin pian! Fuck yes!