maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2012

Latest Gets~

gonna just smash here loads of pictures of things i have bought in last month (´・ω・`)~ 

Bath & Shower Gel, just had to buy this because just look at it, it looks perfect:

My other Hand cream Cupcake needed a friend:
Found this jewel box frog, i just had to buy it even it was bit expensive for being  just a jewelry box u_u
more Lisbeth Dahl stuff for me yay~

Just couldn't decide what perfume i want, so i bought them all :

And got these samples when buying those perfumes up above~

Also needed new eyelashes and glue~  both from MAC , the lashes are nr.7
I have no idea why i bought this :---D It's a body shimmer/powder which smells AND TASTES 
like caramel! ~ wwwwww

Ordered these from Blippo because cute food is cute and Rilakkuma!

This cute hairband was on sale~

Also these underwear~ is it appropriate to put these up on here? eh ._.'' ...i think they are cute ~

And because of being wnb hipster child i just had to buy this shirt from Gina Tricot, also found these jean leggings at the same time so i thought 'why not' and bought them too : )

This hood fur thingie was totally unnecessary to buy, but it cost like 5€ and i love fur so... also found this fur bag from the same sale for 7€ ~ fur fur fur ♥

And my grand love is here, my new shoes i bought from H&M, i love how they make my feet look so much longer from the front~ only bad thing is that H&M shoes don't last very long and after using them a while they become hard to walk with : /  but i hope i'll survive ! ~ wwww

Found these from one gift shop, the solid perfume was a must because Shanghai ♥
magnet poetry just because my fridge needs something more~

Found a cheap perfume with same scented deodorant, it smells surprisingly good! ~ and bought this dice drinking game thingie for parties to come~ wwww

I think that was all ^-^  see ya soon~

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