maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012

~*Absolute Disaster*~

Sorry for not updating anything in the whole summer, i got to just admit that for the whole summer nothing special happened, i was just staying home alone on my computer. No pictures was taken...
Well except one which I took two weeks ago:
yeah, i know..

The absolute disaster is really matching my current status, last week on Tuesday I got a call saying that I got a cancellation place from a school i was trying to apply before. And this school is in Helsinki, I live in Turku.
The distance between these two cities is about 2 hours driving trip.
The school is going to start tomorrow (13th Aug) so i had about 5 days to cancel my employment agency course and find a place to move in Helsinki.

On Friday my grandparents told me that there is a place in Kontula but it's not empty empty, there is furniture. Because it was my only option i just decide to take it. Fortunately the appartment was owned by our kind of family friend so i don't have to pay for the first month. Only problem here is the extra furniture, i have to live with them for unknown time being, because the owner lives in Sweden. I can only get rid of the furniture after he decides what he want's to keep etc.
Aand after that i can get my own stuff here and can paint the walls and stuff. ( yess, i got a permission for that because this place is awful, you gonna see soon)

So here I am, writing this shitty long post on my new old apartment and feel depressed because this place smells like grannysweat and vinegar. Oh and of course watching intensely the meteor shower while drinking tea and eating toast ♥

And here you have few videos of my new apartment, ignore my loud grandpa.

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