torstai 1. marraskuuta 2012

wow Fantastic baby

hehee;;   lazy blogger here o/

GUESS WHATTT!!  it was snowing last friday ~
so artistic picture, i know...                                                            same friday our school started like this~

aaaand i got a new phone!

I happen to be really boring and not updating more than this, sooner i think i put up a 'latest gets' post, but this post ends here! ^-^;;

Oh!, right now I'm sewing a shirt from an old skirt(?) 
why on earth, you ask?
I'm going to Turku tomorrow, and on Saturday we have 'R.I.P Selma' - party (for the r.i.p. part, it's a joke, no-one has actually died)  aaand the party is kind of late Halloween party soooo~  
my costume is going to be a secret for now (i'm not sure actually what am i going to be :----D) but i add pictures here later ♥

Oh! one more info thingie OuO 
10th of Nov we are going to have this Baaricon cruise, main idea is check how well the boat can float and check how good are the crews stress tolerance :---D and get really drunk with other nerdy people : D

But for now~ i got to go and continue sewing!
bye byah!

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