tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

Woopsie! & latest of the late Halloween ♥

Well... yeah...
I hate to admit that again I'm posting so late.. i really should start to schedule my weeks so i can accopmlish something ( not to mention my school work, I really have lagged behind... )

But first and foremost, here are the super late Halloween post i promised!

This time our party was titled ''R.I.P Selma party - TURKULOID COME BACK''
It was a tribute to ''R.I.P Selma - TURKULOIDS Halloween party 2010''   :---D
pictures under:
from 2010 Halloween party
and from this years Halloween party (2012)

** Turkuloids is a word we came up when we were thinking how we should describe our group of friends
***Selma (aka. Silent Beatbox) is one of our friend and we usually held our parties at her parents place!

I think that there's really nothing to explain about the night, so let the pictures talk instead!

Getting started!


...Girly Kozileks appears!

Ane & mustache!

mei, Janette & me, yah so beautifull


ane & vearna having a fight? >: o

Amar & mei 

Selma & BLAZTIC (Tido)


Viivi & Verna

Selma ♥

Oh Deer!

Timo Ijäs (Y)


Amar and outern beauty~

FIRST (WO)MAN DOWN! Verna & sleepy Ane



And again, our parties got an happy ending! ♥ ... not the way you think thought : D

Oh and here's a better picture of the makeup I'm wearing!

Aaand the antlers i made in one night! 
I used Fimo to shape the antlers and felt to sew the ears, the white furry part is the left overs from a white rabbits fur i had. The whole sh*t is together with hot glue!

That's all Folks! ~

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