maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

Happy X-mas, New Year and all sh*ts together! (December post)

So...yeah,, it think that i post pictures and tell you how they are part of my December, ok?
Sounds good, i know.

In the beginning of December i was partying with my classmates and on the hangover morning when we went to the city center to eat, we bumped to this fuzzy fellow ♥
He is a therapy alpaca and he totally made my day  ^3^~

After the crazy alpaca weekend again the school continued and being a bit of My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic -fan I found these from our school bakery! 

Aand, because being a finn, on the 5th day were celebrating our up-coming independence day (which is 6th Dec) so we had some not-so-good-looking-but-yummy treats at school OuO

Also, on that day I went to Spirit Store and bought my babies ♥ (Jeffrey Campbells if you could not tell it already :D)Let's not tell my mom the price D8

At the same shoppin tour i bought Ted Bakers bag, i just need to remember to take a photo and add it here under!

And for here's a picture of me soon going out with my friends! We went to our classmates birthday party and the theme was rocn'n'roll so i became a pinup girl \o/ i derp a bit here though ;;;;

Here's some artistic feeling to this post! Me being a little doodler at school ~

Also food is a must so here is something what i cooked! Yummy udon with some steamed vegetables♥

And Now to the Christmas post! I didnt actually take any pictures of my family or of myself, but i think that you can live with the fact.
Here's our Christmas tree, it's from our own forest ^^

And my pile of presents! I think i have been pretty nice this year : O I got to say that i was bit disappointed in the presents i got, but i try to live with it....

For the last picture i give you my moms dog Nipa, i love his sleeping style! : D

My Christmas went mostly listening to this song:
From my New Year... i dont have any pictures... there is one video where you can see a flash of me... but i dont think its worth it : D All i can say that my new year was awesome! I hope that so was yours! ♥

Soooo..... How was Your Christmas/New Year? Did you get any presents and did you like them? : D

I will post a present post soon as my cameras battery is full and ready to go : p
I hope that next year is going to be better.

See you ♥