keskiviikko 18. syyskuuta 2013

Aaaahahhaa -__-''

Yeah so... Haven't been writing here almost for one year... mostly have been super depressed about everything and haven't have energy to do anything....

[EDIT]; OK, suddenly this started to become a  ''what did I do the whole summer post'' so i think i do some more post after this describing my summer more detailed~

Mostly i have tried to go to school and survive in life, looking for an inspiration for stuff I usually do (all that sewing and crafting + drawing) but found nothing.
Right now I'm not really sure how am I going to manage with my school. I hate the people in my class and the field I study (I'm going to graduate as Tourism Activity Organizer next summer) is nothing I'm interested in and it feels so forced to stay studying this...
Though...I need an occupation so I need to finish what i started. Also all the undone school works and my upcoming thesis gives me headaches and makes me anguished. I have no idea where to get all the energy to do well with all this..

But! To be not too depressed, I was at Tracon 8 last weekend! I was working there in Info spot ~ (You know, one of those anime conventions) Unfortunately I don't have so many pictures of the convention (only few) but I'm willing to share then with you~
from the Gyaru Finland meetup
(didn't took this one though)
all the cute girls and my derpy face ; _ ; <3 ~

here's Selma and me going out to the nightparty
with all the C!C girls 
(also our lovely Arpacasso alpacas Rosie and Jones~)

There was this Swedish band playing in the nightparty called Overworld!
I had waited to see them live for like almost a year and at last my wish came true~ 
I'm the happiest girl on earth  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

took also this cute picture of Janette~

and also this one of cute C!C girls and 
oh-so-handsome pointZERO 'boys' : 3

And for the last but not least, my all time beauty face~

C ya soon! hopefully  ^^;;;;

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