perjantai 11. lokakuuta 2013

Buhuuu ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

I tried and I failed with  writing at least once a week...
aaand the 'My summer' post will come as soon as I have to mood to write again...
These days I feel so anguished to do anything... But, to get that feeling away even just for a moment , I tell you just how awesome few scattered days I had!

Soo lets begin with Selmas  ✧・゚Neon Pretty Guardian Bepop -housewarming party・゚✧
(21st Sep)
I went there one day earlier because the cakes I made for the party!

And as you can assume from the party's name, the cakes wasn't as normal than usually cakes happen to be~
Unfortunately the cakes didn't endure the transportation so well and the jello that was on top of the cakes started to melt... as you can see the cakes took some damage... ;;;   Wow I said cake so many times

For the party, the dress code was ''90's anime characters'' .... unfortunately my wardrobe doesn't contain that kind of clothing so I took the 90's (and surprise surprise: Japan) as a guideline and thought something else, as you can see below~

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the punch Selma made for us!!  It was all pink and there was carambola (aka. starfruit) slices floating in there peacefully~ One heck of a magical girl punch ・゚✧
Aand that's that ....  (*´∀`*)

Then i had week of frustration and anxiety with school with this little surprise I got from mail~
It was a card from my mom, which says ''To brighten up your day'' and in side the envelope was a chocolate bar  。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。  
For the people who don't know. I have been living alone for almost five years now, and last time I saw my mom was this summer when we went to Linnanmäki amusement park, before my birthday.. We hardly see each other because I don't get along with my mom too well.. So this card was a total surprise that I almost tear up.
On that week, I decided to try to draw again... I haven't been drawing in ages so I wasn't sure if i can still do it as i used to. I have been lacking inspiration so the paper have just stayed plank... I hope that someday i will have my imagination back. I also tried the old remedy for lack of ideas; red wine.

And finally arrived the long waited weekend.
The weekend when i can re-live my teenage years. The day which shall be the last day of my life of queuing from 8 am till noon, waiting outside freezing for the gig to begin.

Yes, I'm talking about The GazettE's World Tours last gig, which was held here in Helsinki, Finland.
My history with this band goes way behind till my youthful days : D The band was my thin lifeline when i went through major big depression. So even though my musical taste have built up and changed, The GazettE has a special place in my heart and I wouldn't have missed their gig in any cost.

Here's some pictures of ... well, my friend Nane and me queuing... yeah

It was almost 8 am and there was almost 400 people already in line

Nane freezing.. I was too

I think this was when we came back from the shopping mall after warming up a bit.. Like we would smile in that coldness otherwise : D

And here apparently the only picture of me on that day ;;; 
Just got in the Circus, where the gig was held! 
Super exposed picture but who cares

And at last these~

The gig was the best one... ever... That is all I need to say.
I realized how long post this already is soo... I continue later

bye pumpkins~