tiistai 15. huhtikuuta 2014

LazyAssB*itch reports

Yupyup...  Some days I just realize how much stuff I ''need to do'' and this is the
result: no blog posts.
I have been trying to make a weekly schedule so I could get stuff done but ;;; yeah

Today the reason why I even write here is because today one lady came to talk to me in metro
and asked to take a photo of me for her blog! Then I just realized that GOD I HAVE A BLOG TOO
haha ;;
But back to the story. She took couple pictures of me and told her blog address (only in finnish unfortunately) so i can see the pics if she ever gonna post them online ^^:  Her blog is about beauty and... stuff~ She came to talk to me because of I 'had interesting looking hair'! Even when I told her that it was a wig, she was still interested to take a picture of me ^3^
This pic I took by myself~  I wonder how the pictures she took will look like OuO;

Today I have been looping the new Block B song over and over again! I'm in luvvv <3
I think I'm starting to get over with my clown phobia hehe~

But for now~ Adios amigos ,\m/